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April 8, 2010

Just thinkin’

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How can you really be an Indie Artist? Well, there are indie musicians (unsigned) and there are indie designers (design, make and sell their own stuff) and there are zine, comics and software, but a traditional artist being describe as indie (independent). Well in a sense most artists are independent, this is what makes them artists. But if you are making your art with intention of just making art (not to get it put into a gallery, you aren’t earning money from it, the models aren’t professionals, you aren’t working on some kind of scholarship, etc etc. To me, this makes you independent. You have no driving force apart from the time you invest in your art to actually produce something. Then maybe you put it online, so people can view and be  inspired, link your page to a page like mine, and more people see it. One day, a gallery curator sees your work and finds out you live in the area, or a magazine or business person asks to buy your art to use or someone want a piece to collect. Once there is a transaction, you are no longer truly independent in my eyes, as you have traded the art and time for a price. But, some people might struggle along and not get an offer for a very long time. It depends, but it really comes down to how you see yourself, are you truly an indie artist? Do you trade your art or is it something apart from your everyday life?

Not to mention that this too is an indie gallery, independent of all kinds of motives other than to have your art on my website. I am the only editor of the site and all the costs come out of my own pocket. I am free from doing this for anyone else except for you and me 🙂


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