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April 8, 2010

Just thinkin’

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How can you really be an Indie Artist? Well, there are indie musicians (unsigned) and there are indie designers (design, make and sell their own stuff) and there are zine, comics and software, but a traditional artist being describe as indie (independent). Well in a sense most artists are independent, this is what makes them artists. But if you are making your art with intention of just making art (not to get it put into a gallery, you aren’t earning money from it, the models aren’t professionals, you aren’t working on some kind of scholarship, etc etc. To me, this makes you independent. You have no driving force apart from the time you invest in your art to actually produce something. Then maybe you put it online, so people can view and be  inspired, link your page to a page like mine, and more people see it. One day, a gallery curator sees your work and finds out you live in the area, or a magazine or business person asks to buy your art to use or someone want a piece to collect. Once there is a transaction, you are no longer truly independent in my eyes, as you have traded the art and time for a price. But, some people might struggle along and not get an offer for a very long time. It depends, but it really comes down to how you see yourself, are you truly an indie artist? Do you trade your art or is it something apart from your everyday life?

Not to mention that this too is an indie gallery, independent of all kinds of motives other than to have your art on my website. I am the only editor of the site and all the costs come out of my own pocket. I am free from doing this for anyone else except for you and me 🙂


April 7, 2010

Updates and revelations

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Once again another general update has taken place. This was basically to the content of the page. I worded the pages a bit better and spruced up the terminology a bit so everything wasn’t so humdrum anymore. I have been reading a few ebooks on different things to do with marketing and have been paying attention in marketing and management classes at uni and have finally come to realise something. Indie market is a very small, almost untouchable market. They market to themselves. They create their own fads, garner their own interests, they don’t search anything related to who they are, they process, calculate and then what ever happens between that stage and what they end up doing to culture is any body’s guess. Indie as you know is short for Independent and it is all the independent people and underground artists and entrepreneurs who wanted their stuff out there and into other people’s lives that invented the effective marketing strategies in existence today. Viral marketing for instance.

If I am going to get you and people like you to my site so you can make yourself known to others like you that you don’t know and who don’t know you yet BUT WILL! (if that made any sense)… then it seems I will have to throw down the books and put myself out there. There is so much to be known about our culture. Someone who views themselves as an individual is independent of their culture, their peers, and all society today is become customised and individualised. Everyone has their own preference, and everyone can get it too. How will I find you?

April 6, 2010

Internet frustrations

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Everything was going swimmingly until just a couple of hours ago when the scammers 000webhost who hosted my website decided that they weren’t going to support my page any more. The good news is that I dumped the free service and opted to get a paid service with what is apparently the most reliable and best price hosting service HostGator. The website is back online and I will continue to ensure that it stays that way. Additionally I have a few problems right now getting the website listed on Google, and I also can’t seem to get the sitemap verified (which is apparently a part of the process of getting your website indexed by Google).

In other news I have also been contemplating trying to design a new blog page that can be listed at or something. I didn’t do this before because I was worried about how much space I have to do this but it shouldn’t be a problem any more. I just have to spend some time building it to the way I want- it will be similar to the current wordpress one but I think I will change the structure and colours a bit. So keep an eye out for the changes and make sure keep viewing the website.

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April 5, 2010

New Content, are we amatuers?

Well… all the content is relatively new, but I did add a photo here and there just to ensure the ball continues to roll. The first photo, well, the very first photo to be put up on The Indie Gallery was one of my favourites.

Smoking, black and white

This black and white photograph was taken on an old Nikon, whose model number I can’t remember right now. The shutter speed was really low as I was taking these photos in an attic with one skylight window. The film wasn’t processed until about a year or two later, after I had totally forgotten how to develop film! Enjoy!

Half naked punk rockers

This is the last photo added has to be one of the most amazingly composed photographs I have ever seen, especially by someone who had barely used a camera like the Nikon before in her life. My beautiful partner set this picture up after planning it out for a few weeks in her head. The day was perfect for lighting and atmosphere and the photograph turned out exactly as she had seen it in her mind’s eye.

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Another update

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Finally the website is pretty much exactly where I want it. There is thumbnails on a new gallery page, linking to an individual page to view each picture. This has the key on it so the pictures can be found in the gallery then you can match the key up with the artist on the artists and links page. All in all about two fulls days of programming, and I have never done this before. Very interesting learning experience.


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The website is now running in a way and has the appearance that I have been looking for. I have updated the links, so there is a link to the about page within the website itself, an artist and links page outlining the artists whose work is online and some links, the gallery page has been fixed a little (like with the font, as with all other pages) and the blog link still links to this blog. It didn’t take as much effort as I thought it would, and was a lot less frustrating than other projects I have commenced- this is a good sign. I have also added donation links along with the information on how you can become a part of this project.

April 4, 2010


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To facilitate the journey into becoming an artist, the Indie Gallery is an initiative to bring unknowns into the global community via cyberspace. The gallery is based on traditional art styles, such as hand drawing, painting or black and white film photography. If you would like your art work to be put up on the website please contact for more details.

As this is a community initiative the plan is to keep it as accessible as possible to all artists. Please email me a copy of your artwork you would like to be put up plus your name and either a contact email or your website. If your art is accepted, for the exchange of either 2 Australian Dollars, or proof of publicising ‘The Indie Gallery,’ your artwork will be displayed on the page for 2 weeks.

All artwork will be displayed in 640×480 format. You can either send me your final display image in that format or however you have it on your computer, although if I accept it onto the website, I will crop it to that size. A number will be edited into the corner of the artwork so that viewers can then relate it to the key, listing your name and email or website.

The reason for the two Australian dollars or publicity exchange, it that the website runs for the artists benefits only. I am Australian, so I take this currency. The two dollars is because I see five dollars as a meal, charging too much seems wrong to me. The publicity runs on the values of permaculture, where fair trade is of a higher currency than cash.

Hopefully you will see the value in this website as much as I do. Please tell your friends, family and spread the word throughout the community. I would love to be of any further assistance if you need, please contact me at

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